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How large can my email be? - Added: 9-15-04 at 4:33PM

Do not send more than 100Mb at a time. Sending more than the recommended size could cause the email to bounce back to you.


How will I know when my order is ready? - Updated: 9-17-04 at 3:45PM

Once we receive your email we will send you a Confirmation Email letting you know when the order is completed.


What is your average turnaround time? - Added: 9-17-04 at 3:29PM

24 hours or less from the time of order processing. Please allow for more time on larger orders.


What is the pricing for sending images threw this service? - Added: 9-28-04 at 6:06PM

Please refer to our Digital Prints section and our Large Format Prints section.


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