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Digital Profiling


     Our lab currently uses the Gretag MacBeth Eye-One XT system.Click here for more

      information on this unit from GreTag's website (site will open in a pop-up window).

     Profiles are updated on this page as needed, please bookmark it.

     Providing profiles to our customers is a service, so we cannot be held responsible

      for misuse and the color management caused from it.

     Any questions about color management or support requests must be sent to here.

      We cannot offer support by phone. If you need someone to contact you please use

      the above email link and someone will contact you as soon as possible.

     Click here to subscribe to our newsletter that will automatically tell you each time a

      paper profile is updated or a new one is added. (site will open in a pop-up window).

      Please choose the categories you wish to enroll in. The only one required to be

      notified of new paper profile releases is the "Profiling Updates".


Downloads (click to download) Updated 1-4-05


     Glossy Profile for up to 10"x15" sizes.

     Classic Profile for up to 10"x15" sizes.

     Fine Art Texture Profile

           Double Weight Matte

           Ultrachrome Fine Art Texture


     Galerie Pearl Profile

           Galerie Pearl

           Ultrachrome Satin

     Glossy profile

           Ultrachrome Glossy

     For Durst Epsilon 30 we recommend sRGB. This yields the most consistent results.

      We will continue to tweak the profile untill we feel the quality is satisfactory, in which

      case it will be added here.

     Please check this page frequently to ensure that you have the latest profiles on

      your system.


How to use profiles in Photoshop (Mac and PC)


     Install the profiles as directed for your operating system below.

     To convert an image to a profile

           Photoshop 7- With the image open go to "Image-Mode->Convert to Profile"

           Photoshop CS- With the image open go to "Image-Mode->Convert to Profile"

           Photoshop CS2- With the image open go to "Edit->Convert to Profile"

     Always make sure that the "Intent" is set to "Perceptual" and also make sure that

      "Flatten Image" is not checked unless you wish to do so. Click here for a

      screenshot with those two options hilighted as an example. (Link will open in a

      popup window)


How to use profiles on Windows 2000 and Windows XP


     Copy the downloaded profiles to your download folder, then manually navigate to

      \WINDOWS\system32\spool\drivers\color (Windows 2000 and XP). Please note that

      Windows XP you can right click the downloaded profile and choose an install



How to use profiles on Mac OS9 and OSX


     Copy the downloaded profiles to your download folder, then manually navigate to

      \system\library\colorsync\profiles. Paste the profiles in this folder.



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