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Reel To DVD

    - This is a 21 day service.

    - Price includes materials and labor.

    - Available from regular 8mm movie film and super 8mm film and 16mm film.

    - A DVD can hold 1380 feet of regular 8mm film. Or 1790 feet of super 8mm film. Or

      4336 feet of 16mm film.

    - If multiple movies on one transfer; please clearly number reels in sequence so they

      will appear in proper order on transfer.

    - All reels should be tightly wound on spool to ensure safe handling.

    - Guide: 3" reel = 50 ft. 5" reel = 200 ft. 7" reel up to 400 ft. 9"  reel 800 ft







8mm Film to DVD No Sound

$0.25 per foot *$59.95 minimum



8mm Film to DVD With Sound

$0.25 per foot *$79.95 Minimum



16mm Film to DVD With Sound

$0.25 per foot *$79.95 Minimum



Add Chapter Titles

$2.00 each




$2.00 each




$2.00 each




$2.00 each



Additional DVD copies of same DVD

$8.95 each


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