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    - Please allow 96 hours (4 Days). Rushes are available!

    - See samples in the sample book.

    - Limited to only mouldings listed below..

    - Examples of small items: tassels, medals, fishing lures, coins, tickets.

    - Examples of medium items: plates, balls, doilies, swatches of fabric.

    - Examples of large items: jerseys, christening gowns, golf clubs, baseball bats.

    - Shadowboxes are a great way to display your treasured memories.

    - They work well with individual items or collages.



Ascot cherry moulding

$0.70 per linear inch



Ascot mahogany moulding

$0.70 per linear inch



Wide Black Shadowbox

$0.70 per linear inch



Attach/mount small items

$3.00 per item



Attach/mount medium items

$8.00 per item



Attach/mount large items

$15.00 per item



Mat (whitecore)

$0.12 per linear inch



Mat (blackcore)

$0.15 per linear inch



Openings as needed

$1.75 each




$0.20 per linear inch



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